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하지만 어디 대답해보렴 사링이 없는데 어떻게 아야기가 행복하게 끝날 수 있겠니
American-born. I am traveling back home to South Korea in search of fashion and all good things. "Being pretty is different than being loved." - Kim Minseok

Now if you’re like me and you want to learn Korean for whatever reason, be it

  • The culture
  • The Language is beautiful
  • You’re going to Korea
  • Some of your friends are Korean and you want to help them out.
  • You’re madly in love with your oppa and you want to learn Korean so when you get married you can talk to each other

Now, I have been (really recently, actually) asked how I’ve learned Korean be it reading, writing, or speaking. Truth is, you never truly stop learning, you just keep going, but I’ll tell you how I did it and am continuing to do it.

 1. Starting

One day I sat down and I decided, “I’m going to learn Korean!…. but where do I start?” Honestly, I googled ‘Learning Korean.’

I found a few pages that I’ll share with you. This first page was the first page that I found and it was really helpful to me. Though, this is still only teaching me words and phrases. There’s really nothing abouthow to pronounce these words or grammar structure or anything like that (which is all really boring but really useful.) 

2. Sentence phrasing etc.

Enter Pimselur. I’ve used Pimsleur for speaking German and it’s a far cry above Rosetta Stone, which I’ve also used before. Rosetta stone is a bunch of word recognition and repeating, and honestly it was boring to me. I know people who have benefited from Rosetta stone, so kudos to them, but for me it didn’t work. (Neither did classes in school, a school’s way of teaching is the same as Rosetta, repeating and same-old tricks.) Now, I started using Pimsleur for German and I found that I was able to pick up the language quickly and use it efficiently. All you gotta do is listen, too, which works for me. I can do art and listen and not have to sit at my computer and click on pictures in Rosetta. The fun thing about Pimsleur is that it only takes 30 days. (Click Here to learn about it!)


THIS. Now while Pimsleur may cost you 10$ for your lessons (Thirty lessons, thirty days, thirty minutes each day.) TALK TO ME IN KOREAN . COM has to be about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. The lessons are run by Koreans themselves- don’t worry, they speak English- and they teach you almost the way mothers would teach their children. They teach you step by step as well as pronunciation. The catch. TTMIK. 오모 ㅋㅋwhile they teach you, they have PDF lessons (the lessons, which are also downloadable for your iPod) which teach you the words in writing and in Hangul (the Korean writing). I found this the best for learning to write and read at the same time (if you’re up for that).They also personally answer your questions and comments and have set up a Korean talking program to talk with others and improve your Korean reading, writing and speaking.


Personally, what I did for this is: I got a blank book at my local book store and I re-wrote the TTMIK PDF files, which was also convenient to carry around, and it helped the lessons stick with me. This way, I could also write out the pronunciation of words and I even wrote out the alphabet. In this book, I also translated tweets first by writing the tweet in a black pen, on the line underneath, I wrote out the sounds, then I wrote out the phonetics, and then the English (or whichever your mother-language is) underneath. I’ve used this book, too, to write down words that I don’t know and to look them up later. (online or somehow) and I’ve practiced a lot. I also plan on watching Dramas with Korean subs, and if I see a word or phrase I don’t know, I’ll write it down. I did this with Hello Baby (SHINee) and that helped a lot, I was laughing and learning (and in the end crying and learning) together with my oppas ^^ <3

5. Oppa?

Yep. That’s right. OPPA. Your Oppa, my 오빠 (oppa in Hangul! Now you know!). 이 오빠 (this oppa), etc. In order to impress the local Korean boys, I studied hard! Oppas have influenced me to study my hardest. It does not have to be the influence of your local Korean Oppa (or Japanese! Or any type of Asian you prefer), It can be the influence of your Korean idol Oppa. :) Whomever that may be! (Or Unnie~) If you push yourself to learn for someone or something and you set a goal, and you will always be going towards it. :)

6. Other.

These are a few things that I found funny and helpful. (Not necessarily learning about Korean, but about the culture)



I want a Korean Boyfriend!

XOXO Kim Kibunnie

Questions or comments or anything else? My Ask box is always open! I love you! :)

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