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하지만 어디 대답해보렴 사링이 없는데 어떻게 아야기가 행복하게 끝날 수 있겠니
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that was about the worst MV I’ve ever watched

what the heck was it about, Girls’ Generation ???

you got a boy yes we know

but what the actual was this MV ???

it had like five parts ???

what’s going on ??????

posted 1 year ago @ 02 Jan 2013
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  1. dalkkomhan-bang said: The song sounds like it’s five different songs in one. Either way, I’m making gifs. :B
  2. blackjackonhiatus said: exactly my reaction when i watched it… i’m not a sone though ^^’
  3. mouthfullofrice said: I think SM has stopped trying with having any kind of plot in SNSD’s videos. The blind sones (not all of them) will still think it’s the best thing in the world no matter what lol.
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